Current Appeal

The Masjid of Khanqah and Makhdoom Shikh Saad Hostel are under construction, Please offer your support for both of them.


Jama Masjid, Khanqah e Arifia

This grand and specious mosque is under construction.

JazakaAllahuKhaira for your contributions towards this noble cause. We still need your support. Please continue to support/donate towards finishing the remained works of this Masjid.

Makhdoom Shah Meena Hostel

Jamia Arifia is totally Residential Jamia. It provides a decent stay and the best possible learning place in a spiritual environment. It has been facilitating comfortable and safe accommodation to all its students, studying in Primary Department, Alia Department, Hifz wo Tajweed Department and Computer Department, since the first day of its establishment. Maulana Mohammad Imran Saqafi, the Principal of the Jamia is the Provost of all hostels/Halls. Teachers of Jamia do the work of wardenship alternatively. They are responsible for the discipline, maintenance of building, allotment of rooms, etc. All the activities of students residing in hostels are strictly watched by wardens. Each room in hostels has a Supervisor (Ameer) to be followed by other roommates. Two Halls are reserved for minors. Recently there is a common mess of all hostels where students collectively have their lunch and dinner. All students of all classes are required to dine in the Common Mess. This is due to health/safety concerns and security reasons. Bathrooms and Toilets of all hostels/halls have been built in major numbers in one place and are open for all students. Life on-campus helps the students not only to study, but also to socialize with the peers. A friendship formed on the campus lasts a lifetime. The students housed in the campus are encouraged to use the playground and all indoor gaming facilities. It is mandatory for each hosteller to be present in all prayers regularly, on time and never to be late or absent.

A will be well furnished Makhdoom Shah Meena Hostel of the four floors is under construction. It would be ready to stay for the upcoming academic year. It would have the capacity of about 400 students. This hostel would consist of separate bathrooms and toilets on each floor.

Makdoom Shaikh Saad Hostel

under construction

Alehsan Libary

To build a separate building for Shah Ehsanullah Library is one of the major future projects of Shah Safi Memorial Trust.

Please donate us to make this project fulfilled.

Family Quarter

Family Quarter is very needed at Shah Safi Memorial Trust for providing family living accommodation for the families of its teachers and workers.

So, you are welcome to donate us towards achieving this project .